Download a blank Sales Report for:
Note: Click the area in which you are reporting sales to open a blank PDF form.
    In the upper right corner, click the "download" button / icon to save this blank file in your Sales Reports folder.
    You'll use this blank file each month (or come back here to get a new one each month) to fill in your sales.
    After you've saved this file, go to your Sales Reports folder and click the file to open it.
You will need a current version of Adobe Reader to fill in the PDF form needed to submit your sales report for commission.

Click the "Get ADOBE READER" download button ►
    Save the software then run or install it. Once this is installed you will be able to use the instructions below to fill in your report.
    Note: It'll be helpful to start a folder on your desktop for your sales reports. To do that, RIGHT click on a blank spot on your desk top,
    scroll to "New" and then scroll to "Folder" and click it. Name your folder "Sales Reports" and press Enter.

Fill in your Sales Report
In the upper right hand corner, click SIGN then click ADD TEXT

    Place your cursor on the area you want to write/type in
        Proceed to fill out your name, date and client/ad info
    Note: Once you've put in a client account name you can tab to the next (pages/ad size and price) area. At the end of the line start the next line
    by moving your cursor down to the next line and click to begin writing/typing in the next account info.

Save your file: When you’re done filling it in (or to save it and add to it later)
    Click FILE in the upper left corner
    Slide down to SAVE AS. A new window opens, here you will decide where to save the file.
    Note: Save it in your Sales Report file by clicking "Desktop" on the left side, then navigate to the folder named Sales Report.

    Name your file, (by date and area will make it easier for you to find data at a later date.
    For example 2013 April Brainerd, or 2013 April Little Falls) and click Save.

    SUBMIT a completed saved Commission Sales Report PDF file by clicking here or the envelope icon above.